SMB Companies

Discover our Solutions for your Business, with special focus on SMB. Starting from the individual services , on to managed bundles till the complete and full managed solution

Digital Agencies

The tech part has become a big challenge for Marketing and Web agencies. Speed, caching, DNS, Hosting Services and Email services need a specialized partner with experience.

MSPs IT Companies

Discover our offerings for MSPs and IT Technology Partners, from the single service to full manged solutions or consulting our portfolio of services is big.

The Tech Puzzle

Why to choose us in middle of the ocean of providers? there is a big choice out there, but most give you a product and not a solution. we are a solution provider which knows how to combine your legacy applications, your existing procedures, even your existing cloud solution all together, mange them, expand them and make them secure.

Cybercrime made it as a big challenge to keep your data safe. We are here to help you.

Too Big To Fail?

Most people think public cloud solutions are too big to fail, ignoring most of those solutions are frameworks and its up to the company to backup and secure the solution and they aren’t included in the products.
You probably trust your data is safe. But are you sure all your data is backed up? Where is your data backed up? Is your backup compliant by data protection law?
How long does it take in case of disaster to restart your activity? do you have crash plan a disaster recovery plan?

WE can help you with our consultancy to find the answer and the following solutions.

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